“Chronic & incurable” disease healed

I have received many healings throughout my life up to the present time. A healing that took place while living at Springridge retirement in Wilsonville is an example.  I experienced a very irritating and unpleasant disease that was difficult to live with.  I happened to mentioned it to a good friend who is a medical nurse. She informed me that the disease is chronic and incurable.

About that time I came across an article stating the same views. I knew what I had to do. Is this the truth about me?  Of course not. The only plan where disease claims to exist is in the human mind.  I needed to acknowledge there is no human mind.  I needed to let go of the human material view and acknowledge my ever present perfection.  This I was able to do and maintain on a daily basis—all that is going on here is my continual perfection.  At some point I became aware that I was free—free of the dreaded so-called disease. I can happily say it has not returned.

Disagreeable things tend to disappear when they are not believed in. When healings take place gratitude can be overwhelming.  The gratitude I feel for Christian Science will always be with me.  I also want to mention that listening to Sunday and Wednesday Church services is a wonderful blessing for those of us  living at a distance. I’m deeply grateful.  Thank everyone involved  in the Church and all the good work that is being done and carried on.  It is a privilege to be a member of such a warm and loving Church.  By using the principles of Christian Science, we can prove nothing is chronic and incurable.

Love and blessings to all,  Beulah