In daily contemplation of Him…

First of all I wish to say how grateful I am for Christian Science, our Church and
the telephone access to our services.
God works in mysterious ways is the saying. Today I found that to be true.

ln praying to God for guidance in a certain line of metaphysical work, a melody
from the hymnal came to me nonstop along with a line starting ” in daily
contemplation of Him who made allthings.”

Well, research along with asking a church member did not result in the answer.
It came to me to just start at hymn one and look at the melody as I would
instantly recognize it. Much to my astonishment it was hymn no 2 and the lyric
line I thought belonged to it was not even there. At first I was confused but it
became clear as I read it that the message to me from God was actually to find
the hymn with that melody and contemplate these lyrics as they held the
message I was searching for.
All of Hymn 2 beginning “A glorious day is dawning” is the message I will now
contemplate daily until it is my own. lt is with joy I share this small example
with you of God’s love, care and direction.

Helene Benedikte

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