River of love – Dallas to New York

As I was not in town Saturday I missed the talk “Time is not a Factor” by David Hohle so I listened to it on the internet. I was astounded to be reminded of an experience I had several years ago that appeared like a miracle to many people who knew the story.

At that time my daughter Karen and family lived in Whitestone NY.  She is a flight attendant for a major airline which entitles her parents to fly space available – no ticket required. When I plan to visit them, we coordinate my schedule with hers so she is home and not working. As there was no direct flight from Tucson to NY, I usually would change planes in Dallas.  I never had difficulty with this practice until one particular visit.  That summer, huge storms came up in Texas and many flights were severely delayed to and from the DFW airport.   When I arrived, the terminal was teeming with stranded passengers and I found I was number 68 on the standby waiting list for NY.  Most all of the others were paying standby passengers with priority.  It looked impossible.  Then my daughter flew in – she was actually supposed to be in NY already but her flight was delayed also.   Her working flight was cancelled to NY so she too was standing by but jump seat qualified so not a problem.  She vowed, however, to stay overnight with me if necessary and it did look inevitable as the list of people ahead of me was growing by the minute.  

I knew down to my toes that it was correct for us to be in NY that night – many things were planned for the visit and it was a short window.  I gave it to God. The feeling of strong assurance came to me that we were in a river of love running through it all in spite of how it looked humanly.  I pictured us moving forward in this river and at our destination as planned because God was the doer here.  I felt serene and confident.  I passed this on to Karen and asked her to visualize our moving on to NY.  She got it and she did.  At one point we walked up to the front desk to see what the list was doing. It was bigger.  Just then, Karen overheard the desk clerk telling someone that another flight, also scheduled hours earlier and delayed, was set to leave in a few minutes.  Karen’s ears perked up and she asked how many standbys were on the list for that plane as usually when one flight leaves, all the listed people are rolled over to the next one and that had not happened yet.  The clerk said none and there were two empty seats. She quickly rolled our names over to it on the computer and said “run.”  — We ran and were awarded the last two seats on that plane just as they were closing the doors.  We reached NY in time for a yummy dinner her husband had prepared for us.

When I listened to our lecture, I realized this experience was an exact illustration of what Mr. Hohle was talking about.  He described how time was not linear and stepping out of that box by mentally moving forward proved it.  I did not understand the Principle behind what unfolded In Dallas at that time but did know it was God in action and we both acknowledged that.  This talk brought the experience back to the forefront and I am so grateful to be gaining a fresh understanding of this demonstration and greatly appreciate Mr. Hohle’s choosing this topic. I will continue to listen until I have a better hold on this subject and am so grateful for Christian Science and our wonderful church here in Green Valley.  I would also like to acknowledge the tools we out of town members have to participate in our services and lectures by phone and internet.    Helene Benedikte

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