Love is the Liberator

In February, 2013 I was in Pennsylvania at my daughter’s house in the Pocono mountains waiting for the “emergence” of my grandson Dylan.  Her mother-in-law was also present – we were having fun with our other little grandchild Alina.  The evening my daughter and hubby were in the hospital in Scranton, I excused myself to retire early to my room as a  sharp pain in my chest seemed to be developing.  I declared Truth as learned in Christian Science since childhood and was calm and unafraid.  The strong message came not to let anyone catch wind of this – just keep working in the Christian Science way.  The pain increased to the point it was difficult to breathe.  I had a practitioner in our church in my phone on speed dial and called her.  I could not speak much but conveyed who I was and the error that was presenting.  She lovingly helped me right in the moment with positivity and strong assurance all was well.  Total relief, relaxation and peace pushed away any concerns.  I sat up in bed all night feeling loved and grateful, secure in God’s great love.  Breathing became easier right away and by morning there were no remnants of this experience.  I was healed in full.  That day, mother-in-law and I tugged two big garbage cans through the snow to the roadside and no one was the wiser!  That day was filled with beauty, gratitude, love and joy in the arrival of Dylan.  There has been no return of these symptoms and I remain immensely grateful for Christian Science and our loving practitioners.  There was and is no need to determine what the belief was.  Christian Science heals regardless in Jesus’ way.  I am also grateful for our wonderful hymns.  The words, “Everlasting arms of Love are beneath, around, above” from Hymn 53 were not only in my thought at this time but felt so deeply I knew all was well no matter what seemed to be the suggestion fighting for life.  Thanks to the practice of Christian Science healing, human chaos was totally avoided.  One can only imagine the turmoil that would have resulted otherwise!  Love is the liberator.

Love, Helene

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