"Baby" - boat unharmed


October 2017
Divine Love’s supremacy in a hurricane

One of my daughters and her husband, who is Puerto Rican, had an all white pleasure boat named “Baby” moored at a marina in Fajardo, Puerto Rico. They live in Pennsylvania. When hurricane Maria approached at category 4 or 5 strength it looked like Baby was at great risk. Indeed, the marina was destroyed and most of the boats there sank or were destroyed.

However, a family friend in Puerto Rico went searching for Baby by boat as my son-in-law had the feeling she was ok. The friend found her about a mile and a half away resting in a big pile of debris above the high water line. Baby was unharmed with no punctures to the hull. The inside living quarters and engine compartment were dry. It was remarked by others that she looked like a bird resting in her nest. This reminded me of the song “White Bird” made popular by a group in the 60’s – “she must fly or she will die”. She is now known as “Baby White Bird”. She is flying! A successful group effort to extract her is under way and she will be stored safely on land until brought up to Pennsylvania. Our family members on the island are also safe.

What happened here – is this a “miracle” or a divinely natural outcome of God’s love and care when Truth is applied and realized? This boat was protected by the all powerful divine Principle Love and no uncontrolled rage of mortal mind called a hurricane could touch that. S & H 591: 21-22; 465, 466: 16-6

While praying for our resident Puerto Rican family, I realized I could not just outright dismiss and write off Baby. She was not in Truth a material object. This boat represented much life, love and joy to my daughter and son-in-law and was a part of them. Both were raised near the ocean – my daughter in Hawaii – and the ocean is dear to them both. I mentally wrapped Baby in the light of God’s love, thinking of her only in spiritual terms and keeping her safe in a crucible of light and love. Praying in this way each time the situation came to my thought until I felt at peace, I was able to maintain the idea of the boat as a spiritual representation of joyous living and loving qualities untouched by and floating above the seeming chaos.

I had a night dream years ago that I was about to be inundated by a huge tidal wave. In the dream I realized the wave was not real as it was coming from the land and the ocean was behind me. I turned my back on it and shouted to others on the beach that it was ok – the wave was not real. They did not listen and were swept away when it parted around me and kept going. I am still learning from this angel message. To me, this illustrates Baby’s protection. The hurricane was not harmful as the idea of this particular boat was being held in Truth.

I am so very grateful for Christian Science, our lovely church, Christ Jesus, Mary Baker Eddy and so much more!

Love Helene Benedikte

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