Conversation about Christian Science Healing

Judy: So it seems you have extremely meaningful healing experiences that you fall back on and say, “I know. I know that CHRISTIAN Science is the Law. I know that God is here. I know that it is only fear. It is only mortal thinking and illusion of dis-ease that has no reality.”
Jan: And it probably had a lot to do with the fact that I also could feel that way about my healing of the deformed feet. (see Jan Gutteter testimony, “How Christian Science healed my deformed feet.”)
Because any of these experiences are growing experiences. You know you are, uh, what should I say, uh, your faith gets tested. Not because God tests but because maybe , maybe, something is going on in your life or your thinking is needing to be recognized. Because if you don’t recognize it, you aren’t going to be doing too much about it.
Judy: it seems like some of the physical challenges that come to some devoted, long standing Christian Scientists, just rise up out of the blue. Just like your waking up with the impression of deformed feet. Just like your waking with terrible leg pain.
Jan: That’s always a temptation and that’s why I feel that this [the deformed feet] was so unique. It was like an awakening. I’m getting the idea. Put God first. Don’t even give it a second thought as far as [mortal, physical] cause and effect. Mrs. Eddy warns about that.
Judy: I recall a C.S. practitioner relaying a situation to me where she ended up paralyzed for several months before she could break through that. It just seems like some of the situations devoted Christian Scientists are faced with just surfaces out of the blue, for them to work through.
That’s why I think your healing testimonies are so important, and I for one appreciate your bringing a healing testimony to Wednesday meetings. You never know who in the audience has need of a shared inspiration, needs a healing thought that will stay with them for a long time.
Jan: You know that makes me think of when I was in Boston one time, for the annual meeting I believe. When we went to church I gave a testimony about the TB, tuberculosis, and a gal came up to me after the service and she said, “Oh I thank you so much. That is just what I needed to hear.”
Judy: You just never know when we hold to God’s Truth, the truths in Christian Science, you never know who that Light touches. I think that’s the way it’s meant to be. That’s the ultimate, when our stand for the Truth of God’s law of Science heals. We often never know what impact taking that stand has. I think that’s the way it’s supposed to be. We’re supposed to just trust that our taking a stand for the truth puts weight in the divine scale of freedom for good.
Jan: I agree with that, and I think that what is important to me is that I’m really beginning to understand that it isn’t ME, it’s God. It’s God and me. If you approach something with the goal being healing, this isn’t as important as having the goal be your understanding of what God is all about.
Judy: It’s not about the physical ailment and healing. That’s why you’re saying, it’s about God. In fact you’re saying, it’s about me and God. So when you’re working to gain that understanding you realize that He is bringing about healing. When you are working to gain that understanding, it’s the two of you working together.
Jan: Yes, I think that we have to recognize [that single spiritual element of healing] when Mrs. Eddy talks about One, the oneness of God.
Jan Gutteter (recorded by Judy Piercy)

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