Christian Science practitioner instantly healed me of migraine headaches.


Christian Science practitioner instantly healed me of migraine headaches.
Judy: Tell me about your healing by a Christian Science practitioner of migraine headaches and the spiritual sense of well-being and peace that this spiritual healing left you with.
Jan: Oh, yes, that was just the dearest experience. It took place in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
The practitioner lived in a hotel, she had a suite. Her sister also lived in that hotel. They had a beautiful view of the lake, and she was very active.
I had been having migraine headaches for 35 years. The last one that I had, I was so ill that I just really felt that I wasn’t going to be able to manage another one. There’s that word “I” again, me, me, me, me! I hadn’t had any Practitioner working for me, [providing healing treatment] because this was something that just came up at unexpected times. [When it did] I would study and fill my thought with good and then I’d be okay, and then [there would be] a next time. So I decided that I was going to let God do it [heal me].
I opened up the Christian Science Journal [a publication that contains articles and verified accounts of spiritual healing] and I just kind of guided my finger and found a practitioner. When I called her it was like I was enveloped in love. It was something I had never experienced before. It was her voice; I could imagine what Mary Baker Eddy must have sounded like and how she must have dealt with things. There was something about her voice that love just flowed through the [phone] wires so to speak. She didn’t throw words at you. She wanted to meet with me and suggested that I come to the hotel and meet her in the lobby. Bert [my husband] drove me there. I went in and sat down on a bench right inside the door, and waited. And I heard these brisk footsteps coming along the hall. I looked up and here’s this tall, very erect, thin lady; crisply, beautifully dressed. Not fancy, just trim. She came directly to me and said, you must be Jan Gutteter, and I said yes I am. She said probably five sentences at the most. Then she was done. If I had walked past her in the hall less than five minutes later, I would not have recognized her. There was just no sense of person at all. No sense of personality. And, what the [Christian Science] Truth was that she spoke, I cannot recall. I went out to the car and Bert said, well, that was short. (She laughs.)
I called her a year later on something else. Her sister answered the phone and said she had passed on. She had been sitting in a chair, doing careful meditating for someone. Her sister said, you know, she was 91 years old. [Yet, when I saw her year earlier] she looked like she was maybe in her thirties. It’s kind of hard to judge ages when someone is that alive. She wasn’t what you’d call vivacious; she was just, uh, it was indescribable.
Judy: You mentioned the Practitioner “meditating.” Can you share with me what the word “meditating” means to you?
Jan: It was so effortless with her. I felt like she had gotten herself out of the picture. She just went directly to God. There is no sense of person there.
The outcome of my being healed was that I suddenly realized, oh my gosh, I haven’t had a migraine or a headache of any kind this last year, and I haven’t since! I just left it with her and it wasn’t part of me anymore. It took a year to recognize that I wasn’t having the kind of spells I’d been having, or believed I was having.
That was a beautiful, beautiful experience. And I think it’s the thing that keeps me grounded now, so to speak. I was flailing around a bit after Bert left (passed on). There were times that I even wondered if I should bother going to church.
Judy: You know Mary Baker Eddy put in our Church Manual, p. 42, “Prayer in Church, Sect 5. The prayers in Christian Science churches shall be offered for the congregations collectively and exclusively.” That tells me that Mrs. Eddy knew that Christian Scientists have a challenging road to travel and we need each other’s loving support along the way. And we need to come together at church to “collectively and exclusively” support, comfort, and express love for and to each other. Each student of Christian Science is an indispensable component in realizing our calling and fulfilling our duty as a true Church of Healers.
Jan Gutteter as recorded by Judy Piercy

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