Christian Science healed my infant son of constipation


Christian Science healed my infant son of constipation
I had experiences with my little boy when he was just a few months old he wasn’t having bowel movements. This went on for a number of weeks, at least eight weeks. Yet he was smiling, he was nursing, he was completely normal in every way. He never cried. He slept through the night. But fear was beginning to enter in there, because people think children are being mistreated if they aren’t under medical care. I was studying different areas in the Science and Health, and would just open it up to different pages. I wish I could remember what it was that I read because it was something so clear to me that, there again, I was just at peace. And the next time I changed his diaper, “bing!” (We laughed.)
Judy: That is a wonderful testimony to the healing Spirit and the living Principle of Life, Truth and Love, ridding you of all fear so you were able to hold to God’s truth of the perfection of your child, His child.
Jan: Well, I had the advantage of being an at-home mom at that time. I’m not saying that’s why but at least I had the opportunity to meet this condition through what I believe. Because I really believe that God is the greatest power. And my husband, a Christian Scientist, left it to me [to work through and meet the error for our child]. He had complete confidence in God and me.
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