A new student of Christian Science healed of severe back pain

Account of Testimony

This is a message of gratitude to Mary Baker Eddy, and her students and followers; who are diligent to understand their path of spirituality, and in helping others. Although I am not a member of this church I do believe the principles and messages of Truth professed. It parallels the path that I do follow. The fact in this relation is the response of Christian Scientists to an outside believer. You responded to me. You are set to deal with circumstances which arise abruptly in peoples’ lives, whereas no one else I contacted was able to respond or understand.

I left home on a car trip to a family reunion in another state, which had been planned a few years in advance. A friend of mine had passed on just a few days before I left, making the departure a bit of a dilemma. My husband had passed on only a year before.

The trip was basically good. There was a lot of forest fire smoke through every state I passed through. I met up with my sister and nephew and we caravanned in two cars to our destination, meeting there other close relatives with whom we shared a lake cabin. We enjoyed being together with each other and getting reacquainted with forty or so other relatives at the reunion. I lingered a couple weeks longer after most had left, and then proceeded to drive home by a different route, and continue to stop here and there to visit other relatives and friends as part of my trip home. I allowed three or four weeks for the whole vacation.

Entering a big city, I stayed with friends a few days and then checked into a nice downtown hotel where I had stayed previously, after my husband’s death. A day after checking in, something happened. I had planned to stay in this hotel just a few days, and continue on with the trip. But everything changed…

I was sitting down in my hotel room; and as I stood up from where I was seated, I felt such a sudden very sharp pain in my back, hip and leg that I almost fell to the floor. That pain got worse and worse and lingered and finally just stayed in my body and became unbearable. I had to lie down in bed and find a position of stillness to get relief. This continued day and night for many days, and I was stuck, suffering extremely in the hotel room, unable to dress, walk, or barely move. I could get up for only about a minute or two at a time to try to accomplish anything, and make it back to the bed to squirm around trying to find a position in which I could relax my body from the intense pain, and just be as still as possible until I gathered enough strength to get up again to make phone calls, order food, eat the meal, wash, use the bathroom, anything. I thought it would go away because I had never gone through this before. Even to use the phone or look up a phone number was a complicated and painful chore.

I called the desk and got a reference for a massage person to come to the room; and she came three days in a row; but it wasn’t helping, and she couldn’t come a fourth time because it was by then Sunday. I was starting to feel exhausted. Friends and relatives whom I had called told me to go to a doctor, get x-rays, and get an MRI. I would have had to go in an ambulance. But I wouldn’t have gone in the first place because after observing my late husband several times in different hospitals, I refused to put myself in any similar vulnerable such place ever, and just continue with alternative approaches to healing, and not be subjected to those drugs and pain killers.

Days were going by and there arose in my mind visions of dying in a hotel room from pain and exhaustion. I was informed there was a clinic one block away. I didn’t know how I would get there. I needed help and support. My thinking was less clear. How could anyone understand this situation? No one did. I called the front desk to bring Excedrin and Tigre balm ointment from the pharmacy. Excedrin had been recalled off the shelf, so the girl brought Advil or something which didn’t work at all. I hadn’t got dressed in all this time, and I couldn’t figure out how to manage dressing or getting out of the room, or walking. I called the clinic and requested an acupuncturist come to my room, which of course didn’t happen – they don’t provide that – I would have to go to their office. I called a friend in my far away home state that belonged to the Christian Science Church to recommend a practitioner where I was.

Edified by the practitioner with reminders and quotes and advice of determination and conviction, I knew this is God. God is omnipotent so it will work. God enfolds me in loving care. God is omnipresent, and if God is everywhere, there is no room for aught else – only God. To me, this I determined to be a choice. Gritting my teeth and screaming, shouting, swearing these affirmations, I forced myself to take a shower, and I forced myself to dress and I decided to get out of the room and just explore the hotel as an experiment without going any further. I pressed my fist against my hip. With anguished expression on my face I took on a personal tour of the elegant old hotel. In the elevator I would force the affirmations under my breath and whimper and cry.

Next day I was determined to make it one block to the acupuncturist on the eighth floor of another building across the street. Would you believe it, I got lost. I crossed the wrong street and ended up on the fifth floor in a culinary institute. I was so dismayed. The patient secretary there computed a map and printed it out. Still in great pain I just couldn’t think clearly. On the map there was a one-inch line showing me how to cross the street again and go one block. I didn’t think I could make it to two places in one day, plus make it back to the hotel.

God enfolds me in His loving care. God enfolds me in His loving care. I’m gritting my teeth crying, pressing my hip and leg, managing carrying my purse; not thinking of this hideous image presenting itself to the public as I somehow make my way, found the entrance, the elevator, the eighth floor, the office number, so desperately, and I break down, shaking, crying uncontrollably as I entered. The poor receptionist, he just didn’t know what to think or do, but the doctor appeared and ignoring the bed table, she just sat me down in the nearest recliner and instead of directly addressing the affected area of pain she put acupuncture needles in my arm and feet.

Next day, knowing which street to cross, I went back again for more acupuncture, hobbling the whole one block again. Pain kept persisting. I called the practitioner again. She encouraged me and supported me again and explained that it was important to allow God to do it all. I tried one more alternative: chiropractic. I confessed afterwards to the practitioner. She again advised me that God is All in All. Rely on that, and drop all else.

I thought about everything deeply that the practitioner had advised. I thought hard, and understood about God. I abandoned all of my long-time use alternative medications and methods named above in exchange for trust and faith in God alone. It’s working still. I read the entire book Science and Health, and I’m reading it a second time to keep my faith and understanding of its message. And I wanted a Christian Science nursing center.

I was also determined to continue my planned route home. It took me another month to accomplish driving home. By the time I arrived home I was able to sleep and move in bed normally, without pain.

I sincerely appreciate my home-town friend, who is herself an amazing, accomplished person of attainment.

— DK

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